6 reasons why you need a wedding planner at your wedding.

1. Less stress

Especially on the wedding day itself, stress levels can be high. It is the moment when everything comes together and needs to run smoothly. Of course, something can always go wrong or go differently. How nice if there is someone on site who can take away this stress! You can rely on someone to be the point of contact for all matters.

2. Dubble check

Even beforehand, I take on an important task: checking your current planning. You get suggestions on what still needs to be optimised and hints if the planned sequence could be problematic. This double check, a professional look at everything, is worth it's weight in gold.

3. Professional guidance

Beforehand or on the wedding day itself: a professional will assist you with expertise. It is reassuring to have professional guidance by your side, especially on a day that cannot be repeated.

4. Feel like a guest on the day itself

Nothing is as important on your wedding day as you are! It's your day, and you should be able to enjoy it to the full. Anything that concerns you can leave to me, so you can really feel like a guest.

5. Don't burden anyone else

Do you want your sister, friends or family to enjoy your day too? With a professional, no one has to worry about the planning. Or maybe you have special wishes and don't see anyone close to you who can make these wishes come to life? Even then, a wedding planner can be valuable.

6. Fixed contact

A big advantage for all booked wedding suppliers is having a fixed point of contact on site, ideally a wedding planner. By giving the name, direct contact can always be made. This is ideal for overcoming minor bumps quickly and uncomplicated.

 10 reasons why you should consider a wedding in a vineyard

❥ The view: a wedding in a vineyard certainly makes a photographer/videographer's job more enjoyable. Capturing the sweeping views and beautiful memories of your big day is so important. That view will be seen in all your wedding photos and etched in your memory.

❥ The wine: it is hard to top something made and bottled at the source, and it is a fact that wine tastes better when paired with a beautiful view. You and your guests can enjoy the most delicious wines during the wedding day.

❥ The seamless transition from wedding to honeymoon. There are so many fantastic reasons to combine your honeymoon with the wedding location. Wine destinations are home to some of the most beautiful resorts and spas in the world. There is no better place to start your honeymoon.

❥ Guest activities: from tours of wineries and private tastings to a day of wellness along the resort pool. Wine destinations offer wonderful amenities and activities for guests staying for several days.

❥ Matching décor: choosing the décor and a wedding theme or style is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. If you are hosting a wedding in a vineyard, there is a style of décor that naturally matches the landscape and surroundings.

❥ Weather: choosing a wedding venue and date depends heavily on the climate of the location you choose. A vineyard is perfect for alfresco dining and using a tent. Even when the sun goes down, you can still enjoy the perfect weather and ambiance.

❥ Delicious food: food tastes better when paired with the perfect wine. A seasoned caterer can create a menu to suit the style of your wedding. Take advantage of local dishes and incorporate fresh ingredients into the menu.

❥ The venue & accommodation: although the wedding day is all about you, it is important to consider your guests' accommodation. Many wineries even have overnight accommodation, making it easy to arrange a bridal suite and guest rooms. That means you can have all your wedding festivities in one location, which in turn saves a lot of travel and time.

❥ Large areas: one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding is using multiple spaces. Whether it's your ceremony or bridal suite, it can be quite frustrating to move everything between all these venues. Wineries are usually very spacious venues. More often than not, they are large enough for both the ceremony, reception and dinner in different rooms. Perfect!

❥ Destination wedding: if you decide to have a vineyard wedding, you will be amazed at all the amazing places to choose from. There are lots of wineries with their own unique selling point. There are wine regions all over the world with spectacular landscapes, not to mention; incredible wine. This does not mean you have to travel to Spain or South Africa for your wedding (although that is never a bad idea). You can easily organise your vineyard wedding in our own country too.

All things organic

An upcoming trend in 2025 for table settings as well as ceremony settings are organic shapes. 
A snake or circle arrangement at dinner or the ceremony are becoming hugely popular. It gives just that special twist to your wedding décor. Everything that is popular in the interior design world, those trends often have an impact on the wedding industry and styling. But the graphic work of menus and welcome signs, for example, also factor into this. A bit more movement on your wedding day? 

All things organic it is baby!

This is your sign to have an espresso martini tower on your wedding!

It is a classic drink that has always been around and is now making a huge comeback; the espresso martini tower. Maybe it's the dessert-like flavour or the mix of caffeine and alcohol that really gets a party going. But that this drink is now the wedding industry, is a fact!

If you and your husband or wife-to-be share a favourite coffee blend or type of coffee beans, add it to the recipe to make the cocktail even more meaningful. The same goes for the vodka or liqueur you choose. You can even have your initials or a wedding logo drawn into the froth of the drink, similar to latte art.

So if you are planning a wedding for 2025 and want to add a spicy element, espresso martini toren it is baby!

Blurry photos

It's not necessarily a trend, it was already being done. But you will see it coming back more often in 2025, brides and grooms are also asking for it more now or are open to it;
blurry photos.
Do you like this ‘unposed vibe’ and see it reflected in your wedding album? Then choose a photographer who can implement this style.
Mood and movement it is baby!