I love you to the moon & Malbec


Every moment in life is worth celebrating, 
but nothing is more important than celebrating love. 
The magical element in our lives, making everything matter. 
Love for each other, love for family 
and everyone with whom we share a special bond.
Cherish the special moments.


Calculating hours that you don't see and are not there, I don't like that. That's why there is a clear picture from the beginning of how much time will go into your wedding.

Wedding Tip

Optimise your budget: allocate your budget and compile a top 3 of wedding suppliers that are most crucial for you to invest in. 
This way, you focus on what is really important for your wedding.

My to-do list for your wedding day

 ❥  Venue visits 
❥ Moodboard + adjustments
❥ Materials + supplier search
❥ Meetings 
❥  Budget management
❥  Contact with suppliers 
 ❥ Create programme and timetable
❥ Coordination of build-up 
❥    Coordination on the wedding day
❥  Hostess for guests + suppliers 
 ❥ Coordination during dismantling on location 
❥ Mail contact for all your questions/meetings
❥ WhatsApp for urgent matters 

Want to know more? Send me an email. 
I will send you a free no-obligation quote.

Wedding Tip

As a bridal couple, don't forget to plan a short speech just before dinner. This will give you the opportunity to say thank you and also emphasise that guests do not have to say goodbye to you once the dance party has started. It creates clarity and encourages everyone to enjoy the party carefree.

To conclude,

So many people, so many wishes. 
It's your day! And that includes your own personal choices. As a sparring partner, I would be happy to help you make your wishes come true.
From ring to catering, with me you stay within a realistic budget.